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Charter Document - 01670128

Charter 01670128
Charter Number: 01670128
Cartulary Title: The Rydeware Chartulary
Charter Language: Latin
Charter Origin: Lay
Charter Type(s): Gift
Date: 1170 - 1220
Date Type: Assigned

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Sciant [] quod ego Petrus de Duraundesthorp dedi [] Waltero fil Johannis de Hamstal pro homagio et servicio suo unum mesuagium cum pertinenciis suis in parva Rydeware illud scilicet quod Ricardus Chettles aliquando de me tenuit et totam terram cum pertinenciis suis quam idem Ricardus de me tenuit in eadem villa eidem Waltero et heredibus suis [] Habend et tenend [] Reddendo [] duos solidos [] Hiis testibus Rogero de Rydeware Waltero de Rydeware Henrico Mauveysin Waltero de Hondeshacre Roberto filio Thome Gervasio Muverel Roberto filio Hamundi Johanne de Linacre Willelmo fil Willelmi et aliis
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institution Institution - an Institution associated with either the giver or receiver of a property transaction in a charter
property Property - a property place location that is a transaction in a charter
issued Issued - the issued at place location for the charter
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