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Charter Document - 04410041

Charter Number: 04410041
Cartulary Title: Charters of Bury St. Edmunds
Charter Language: English
Charter Origin: Religious
Charter Type(s): Will
Date: 1025 - 1075
Date Type: Assigned
Resource Link(s): eSawyer (S 1516) Anglo Saxon Charters (S 1516)
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[O]n min drihtines name Ic Eadwine kithe ihu þat ic an þe þinge þe me god almithin haue lent on þise liue þat is þat ic an þat lond at Eskeresthorp into seint Eadmund buten ten acres ic giue þer into þere kirke And Lefric habbe þo þre acres þe he on sit and ic an þat lond at Lithle Meddeltone into sancte Benedicte et ten acres into þe kirke And ic an þat lond at Beorh into sancte Etheldriðe bi suthen kinges strete buten þat northere hage at Appelsco and half þe turfgret ligge into Apetune and þerto weye to rode brod And ten akres into Beorh kirke be suthen strete And ten acres into Apetune kirke bi northen strete et four acres into Huluestone kirke And four acres into Blitleford kirke And X acres into Sparham kirke et alle mine men fre eywer aftir mine tyme Þis is þat frescet þe Eadwine haueð Crist vnnen and seynte Marie et alle Cristes halegen his sowle to alisidnesse and his sinne tor forgiuenesse And þis is þe forward þe Wlfric and Eadwine þa tueye brethere wrouhten hem bituen ymbe þa to land at Thorp and at Middeltone þat is wethe[r] here so lenger libbe habbe bothe þe lond And after here boþere day go þat lond at Middiltone into sancte Benedicte for here boþere soule and þat lond at Thorpe after here boþere day fange Ketel þerto to swilke forwarde so þer wrouht is þat is þat Ketel leste alke iher to pund into seynt Eadmunde þat is þas londes gouel et for here eyþeres soule ilke day ane messe and after Keteles day go þat lond into seynt Eadmunde buten alken gentale and at Metheltone into þere kirke þe Þurwerd ahte and þat lond þe Eadwine Ecferþes sune ahte fre into þe kirke And of þat lond at Thorp VIII acres into Aescewelle kirke and of þat lond at Wreningham VIII acres into þe elde kirke and to acres into Fundenhale kirke and to into Neolondes kirke þise write sinden þre on is binnen at sancte Eadmunde an other at sancte Benedicte on Holm et te þridde haued Eadwine himself
institution Institution - an Institution associated with either the giver or receiver of a property transaction in a charter
property Property - a property place location that is a transaction in a charter
issued Issued - the issued at place location for the charter
charter Charter