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Charter Document - 04410042

Charter Number: 04410042
Cartulary Title: Charters of Bury St. Edmunds
Charter Language: English
Charter Origin: Religious
Charter Type(s): Will
Date: 1052 - 1066
Date Type: Assigned
Resource Link(s): Anglo Saxon Charters (S 1519) eSawyer (S 1519)
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Her is on þis write Keteles quide þat is þat ic an Stistede after mine tyme for mine fader soule and for Sefledan into Cristes kirke And ic wille þat mine men ben alle fre et Mann myne refe þat he sitte on þe fre lond þat ic him to honde habbe leten his time euer fre and after his time folege þat lond þen oþere And ic an into þere kirke þat lond þat Withrich hauede vnder hande and Lewine and Siric and Goding so so geard goð to Leueriches hyge And þat no mam him ne forwerne þan vtgang And ic wille þat alle þo men þe ic an fre þat he habben alle þinge þe he vnder hande habben buten þat lond And ic an þat lond at Herlinge Stigand Archebisscop mine louerd so it stant buten þo men ben alle fre and ten acres ic an into þe kirke and gif ic ongein ne cume þan an ic him to min heregete an helm and a brenie and hors and gereade and sverd and spere and ic wille after þe forwarde þat ic and Eadwine and Wlfric after mine time fon to alkere þinge þe min ower is þer on tune buten so mikel so ic an into þe kirke þat is þat erninglond þat Alfwold mine man haueð vnder hande and he sitte on þat other his time And sithen al þat lond þat him to honde begeð folege mid þe oþere into þe kirke gif Eadwine min Em wille helden se felageschipe mid me et Wlfric min em ymbe þat lond at Meþeltune gif wit him ouerbiden fon we to þat londe at Thorpe into þat forwarde þat vre boþere time go þat lond at Metheltone for vre heldren soule and vre awene soule into seinte Benedicte at Holm And þat lond at Thorpe into seynt Eadmundes biri And þat is min and mine sustres Boten þat forwarde gif ic mine day do her his þat ic fon to þat lond at Keteringham and an marc goldes oþer þe wrth and gif ic hire ouerbide þanne schal ic habben þat lond at Somerledetone and þat ilke forwarde Ic and Gode mine suster habbed speken gif he me ouerbide gripe he to þat lond at Walsingham buten ten acres þo schulen into þere kirke And gif ic libbe leng þanne hio þanne schal ic habben þat lond at Prestone And ic an Godric mine brother þat lond at Hemfordham so it me on hande stand And Kockeshale And he scal for þat lond at Strattune gifen Alwy mine cnihte to pund And Ic and Algif mine stepdouhter wit habben wrouth þe forwarde ymbe þat lond at Anhus þat so wether vnker so lengere libbe habbe þat lond so mikel so wit þer habben and gif vnc ban fordsith sceot on Rome weye þanne go þat lond for me and for Sefleð and for Algiue into seint Eadmundes biri bute þo men ben alle fre And ic an Harold erl after mine time þe halue lond at Moran so ful and so forth so ic it richtlike on godes witnesse and mani manne mid mine wife bigat and ic it sithen nawer ne forswat ne forspilde And ic bidde þe þurh þene drichtin se þe and alle schefte schop gif ic ongen ne cume þat þu it nefre ne let welden mine vnwinan after me þe mid unrichte sitteð þeron and nittað it me euere to vnþanke And ic an þe lond at Fretinge after þat ilke forwarde þat þu þe self and Stigand Archebiscop mine louerd wrouhten And ic an Alfric mine prest and mine cuthen þat lond at Rissewrthe And gif ani man si so disi þat wille mine quide bereuen god him fordo on domesday and alle his halegan
institution Institution - an Institution associated with either the giver or receiver of a property transaction in a charter
property Property - a property place location that is a transaction in a charter
issued Issued - the issued at place location for the charter
charter Charter