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Charter Document - 04410043

Charter Number: 04410043
Cartulary Title: Charters of Bury St. Edmunds
Charter Language: English
Charter Origin: Religious
Charter Type(s): Will
Date: 1035 - 1044
Date Type: Assigned
Resource Link(s): Anglo Saxon Charters (S 1521) eSawyer (S 1521)
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[L]eofgiue gret hyre leuedi godes gretinge And ic kithe þe mine quide wat ic Crist an and his halegan mine louerdes soule to alisednesse and mine into þe holy stowe þer ic self resten wille þat is at seynt Eadmundes byri þat is þat lond at Hintlesham and þat lond at Gristlyngthorp buten þat lond þat Ailsi hauede þat he at his lauerd ernede and at me and ilc þridde aker on þan wude at Hintlesham habbe Ailri and ingong and vtgong be feld and be fenne And ic wille þat Ailric prest and Ailfric prest and Ailri diacon habben þat minstre at Colne so here lofard it hem vthe And ic wille þat Aylfric prest ben on þat ilke loh þe Aignoð was And be se mund ofer þan minstre þe is ofer alle oþere and ic an þan kinge to marc goldes for min eruenumen to et gealaeste þat gold and mine lauedi þat lond at Belhcham buten þat lond þat Godric mine stiward haueð þat habbe he and Alfward bisscop þat lond at Benetleye buten half hide þe Osemund hauede þat ic an Alfwy min stiward and þat he on sit et Alfnoð min stiward þat lond þat Berric hauede vnder hande And Alfgar mine mei þat lond at Borham And Alfric mine mey Withgares sone þat lond at Bromforde And Stigand þat lond at Willauesham And Ailric mine brotheres sone þat lond at Stonham and at Waldingfeld and at Lithtletic And Alflet mine douhter þat lond at Hagele And Godwine min aðum et mire meygan þa þre hide at Werle And Lefkyld þa to hide onfast his owen And Aylmer habbe þat lond at Stonham þe ic hym er to hande let to reflande And ic an Godric mine reue at Walddingfeld þa þritti acre þe ic him er to hande let And Ailric min hirdprest et Alric mine chihtes þat lond at Lalleford þe me best heren willen et Ailric prest habbe an hide at Forendale And ic wille þat alle mine men ben fre on hirde and on tune for me and for þo þe me bigeten And ic bidde mine leuedien for godes louen þat þu þolie þat ani man mine quide awende And se þe it awende god almichin awende his ansene from him on domesday buten ic it self do God þe healde Nu sinden þise write þre on is mid þise kinges halidome and oþer at seynt Eadmunde et þridde mid Leofgiue seluen
institution Institution - an Institution associated with either the giver or receiver of a property transaction in a charter
property Property - a property place location that is a transaction in a charter
issued Issued - the issued at place location for the charter
charter Charter