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Charter Document - 04420015

Charter Number: 04420015
Cartulary Title: Charters of Chertsey Abbey
Charter Language: English
Charter Origin: Religious
Charter Type(s): Notification
Date: 1052 - 1066
Date Type: Assigned
Resource Link(s): Anglo Saxon Charters (S 1477) eSawyer (S 1477)
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In ðane halgene namen ures helendes Cristes Ich Eaduuard king ofer Engleðeode cuðe Stigand archebissop and Harold eorl and alle mine þeines ðat ich mid ðusen write gelde and geue Criste and seinte Petre and Wluuold abbode and ðen broðren on Cherteseye ðo [X] hyden lond on Waltham and ðe cherche of ðan seluen tune and ðane wode of Halewik and ðane of Lidlegewik mid alle oðere þinge ðe ðareto belempeð and [XX] æceres of ðare made at Cocham into Weltham And ðis ich hem habbe geunne for ðan hit har into ðan munstre laig sua ich hit habbe mid mine þeines sodsage onlierned of ðara syrren and ðarefore ich wille ðat hie habben and helden alsua hiere rigte ðane tun mid alsua muchele munde alsua on meseluen stant on alle þinge in wode and in felde Se man ðe mine geue her gelitlað oðer on oðere wisen to auuenden ðene hit her beforen awriten is ben his lif her ilitlade and his wonienge in helle grunde buten he hit her ðe stiðlicor gebete
institution Institution - an Institution associated with either the giver or receiver of a property transaction in a charter
property Property - a property place location that is a transaction in a charter
issued Issued - the issued at place location for the charter
charter Charter