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Charter Document - 04580001

Charter Number: 04580001
Cartulary Title: Charters of Milton
Charter Language: English
Charter Origin: Religious
Charter Type(s): Grant
Date: 0843 - 0934
Date Type: Assigned
Resource Link(s): Anglo Saxon Charters (S 391) eSawyer (S 391)
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In Godes name ich Aþelstan God gyuing kyng welding eal Brytone mid alle mine wytene et alle biscope of þan kinedome of Engelonde gelad by þe pricingge of ðe Haly Goste grantye and confirmye by ðisse minre chartre for me and for þe kingges of Engelonde ðæt comeþ æfter me ene and euere ich tille Gode and sainta Marian and sainte Michaele sainte Sampsone and sainte Branwaladre xxvi hyde londes æt Muleburne mid ðan þæt ðereto liþ and fif æt Wonlonde and þreo atte Fromemouþe atte yle ðan ye to on see and on on londe þæt is to seggende æt Ore and þreo at Clyve mid ðare mede þæt þereto liþ and þreo and on half at Liscombe and on at Burdalueston and on at Litele Pudele and fiue at Cattesstoke and vi at Comptone and to at Widecome and v at Osmyntone et vi at Holewertþe þæt is alles seuene and sixty hyden into Middeltone and anne were on Auene at Twynham and al þæt water binne staþe of Waimouþe and half strym on ðan Waymouþe out on see and twelf acres to þan were et ðan werhurde and þreo ðegne on Suþsexan and salterne by were and xxx hyden on Sidemyntone to fosterland and to at Chelmyntone and six at Hylfelde et x hyde at Ercecombe to tymberlonde [] And ich wolle þæt al ðis myn almeslonde mid al ðan þæt ðereto liþ and freo beo in alle ðinge and freo custumes þæt is for mine saule helpe and for ðe helpe of here saulen þæt tofore me were and after me comen schulle kynges of Engelonde ðan minster to fore gesed of Middeltone in rigte clene almesse wulle et grantye þæt hit beon al so freo in alle ðinge mid ðan þæt ðerto liþ in eche stede in Englonde in myne cynedome alswa myn ogen ore [] And ich stedeuastliche hote and bebeode in Gode almigties hege name Fader and Son and Holy Gost þæt ðis min wille and gifte and of ðis writ fastnynge ungewemmed beo and ungewered and ungewendelich ðe hwile þæt Christendom dureþ in ðis gelonde Englisckan [] Oure Lourd God almigtig and alle his halgen al ðe ylc ho so hit beo þæt ðis my dede in oðere wise hit byturne oþer gewanye oþer ho þæt euere beo be hey Judan feyre Christes traytour on helle wytte pynende et on echenysse [] And þæt ðis sond beo and stedeuast euere boute ende ich ðe foresedene kyng Adelstan ðis gewritene bocleof habbe gemerked mid Cristes holy rode tokne + and min ogen honde mid ðisse gewitnesse of alle mine gewytene þæt herafter gewriten beo gefunden et mid mine biscopes [] + Ego Wolfhelmus Dorobernensis ecclesiæ archiepiscopus testimonium perhibeo et cum signo agiæ crucis hoc donum et hanc sententiam prædictam confirmavi + Ego Atheldredus Londoniensis urbis episcopus consensi et subscripsi + Ego Cenwaldus episcopus consensi et subscripsi + Ego Alfredus episcopus consensi et subscripsi + Ego Caynan episcopus consensi et subscripsi + Ego Egwynus episcopus consensi et subscripsi + Ego Radulphus episcopus consensi et subscripsi + Ego Brinstanus episcopus consensi et subscripsi + Ego Alla episcopus consensi et subscripsi + Ego Offerdus princeps consensi et subscripsi + Ego Alfledus minister domini regis consensi et subscripsi + Ego Athelmundus minister consensi et subscripsi + Acta est hæc nostra donatio et concessio ac præsentis nostræ cartæ confirmatio anno ab incarnatione Domini dcccxliii in villa regali quæ dicitur Doracestria secunda die Paschae Domini
institution Institution - an Institution associated with either the giver or receiver of a property transaction in a charter
property Property - a property place location that is a transaction in a charter
issued Issued - the issued at place location for the charter
charter Charter