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Charter Document - 04620001

Charter Number: 04620001
Cartulary Title: Charters of Oxford
Charter Language: Latin/English
Charter Origin: Religious
Charter Type(s): Confirmation
Date: 1004
Date Type: Assigned
Resource Link(s): Diplomatics (brat) Anglo Saxon Charters (S 909) eSawyer (S 909)
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+ Þis sondon þara x hida land emara into Wincandone Arest of æsculfes willan on þa biris dic on hundryþe treow of þan treowe on twam moran of þan moran on þæt heafedland of þam heafedland on toen willan riþige of þam riþige on bicanbroce of þam broce on tama andlang tamae to ebbeslade of þam slade to merwille from merwille to rugan hlæye of þam hlaye on þone fulan pitte of þam pitte on risc broc of risce broce on wotesbroce of wotesbroce eft in to æsculfes willan + Þis syndon þara þreora hida land maræ into wihthille þæt is of ealdon hensing lade ofer þe clyf on þam stennithtanwege of þan wege on langan hlawe of þam hlaewe on þa porte strete of þara strete on cere willam stream swa æfter streame þ hit scyt eft into hensing lade + Ðis sondon þara þreora hide langemara into Couelea of cere willa bricga and lang streames on þa riþig wid hacelinges crofte andlang rightes estward þæt hit comæ into ofranfurlange þæt scyt upp nordwerd to hwet furlanges heafde of þam hefde on þat riþig east weard to mer higte of þam hyge in to þam broce of dam broce to den acere of þam aceron into hocce mære of þam mere in to Gifetelea of gifetelea into þam broce of þam broce eft into cere willan Þis sind þara þreora hida lande marae into Cuðues hlawe erest of þere portestrete on trilwille of ðere wille on þet riþig of þam riþie to þes biscopes gemeron of þem gemarun in to wifeleslace on þed slad of þam slade on wyfeleshille of þare hille on hyne De L rii S Frideswide This priuilege was idith in Hedington myn owne mynster in Oxenford There seint Frideswide alle that fredome that any fre mynstre frelubest mid sake and mid socna mid tol and mid teme and with of Hedington and of all the londe that therto be and in felde and alle other thinge and ryth that y belyueth and byd us for quike and dede and alle other alle other bennyfeyt and alle other thinge that ther
institution Institution - an Institution associated with either the giver or receiver of a property transaction in a charter
property Property - a property place location that is a transaction in a charter
issued Issued - the issued at place location for the charter
charter Charter