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Charter Document - 04710011

Charter Number: 04710011
Cartulary Title: Charters of Thorney
Charter Language: English
Charter Origin: Religious
Charter Type(s): Will
Date: 1017 - 1035
Date Type: Assigned
Resource Link(s): Anglo Saxon Charters (S 1523) eSawyer (S 1523)
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Mantat ancer godes wræcca gretet Cnut king and Emma þe læfdie swiþe bliþelike mid godes blisse and ic cyðe þat ic habbe ure almesse criste betaht and hise allen halgan ure saule to froure and to blisse þær it lengest wunian sculen þæt is ærest þæt land at Twywelle into Þornige þær ure ban resteð and þat land at Cunintun prestes and diaknes þa þe hit at me earnodan on mine liue and hi habbeð god behaten and me on hand eseald þat hi sculen elke ear don for us twa hundred messen and twa hundred sauters and þerto eaken fele holye beden nu bidde ic inc for godes luue and for ure wreccan bene þat þis non man ne awende þat wat god þat inc ne was non bescoran man nyccere þænne and þat inc sceal ben cuð on þan towarden liue Gehealde inc here on liue heofan engle kinge and ge lede inc on his lihte mid him þer yt wiþuten sorhge euere wunian amen
institution Institution - an Institution associated with either the giver or receiver of a property transaction in a charter
property Property - a property place location that is a transaction in a charter
issued Issued - the issued at place location for the charter
charter Charter