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Charter Document - 05610260

Charter 05610260
Charter Number: 05610260
Cartulary Title: An Edition of the Cartulary of Alvingham Priory
Charter Language: Latin
Charter Origin: Lay
Charter Type(s): Remittance
Date: 1264 - 1300
Date Type: Assigned

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Noverint universi me A de T filius H teneri N de V in quadraginta libras sterlingorum ex causa quam solvendorum eidem N de V vel eius certo attornato hanc litteram habenti apud Linc in festo sancti T proximo futurum post diem confectionis presentis Et nisi fecero volo et concedo quod currant super me heredes et executores meos pena et distr[ictio] provise in statuto de recognitionibus debitorum apud Acton Bury Well et Westm dudum [] Dat apud Linc die veneris proximo m []
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institution Institution - an Institution associated with either the giver or receiver of a property transaction in a charter
property Property - a property place location that is a transaction in a charter
issued Issued - the issued at place location for the charter
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