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Michael Gervers, Gelila Tilahun, Shima Koshraftar, Roderick A. Mitchell and Ariella Elema “The Dating of Medieval Charters”  ARCHIVES - The Journal of the British Records Association, Autumn 2018 Issue

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M. Gervers, G. Tilahun, R. Mitchell “Statistical Approaches to the Diplomatics of Institutional Topography” Archiv Für Diplomatik, Schriftgeschichte, Siegel-Und Wappenkunde Vol. 62. Köln: Böhlau Verlag.

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Gervers, Michael and Nicole Hamonic “Pro Amore Dei: Diplomatic Evidence Of Social Conflict During The Reign Of King John”. Law As Profession And Practice In Medieval Europe : Essays In Honor Of James A. Brundage. Ed. Melodie Harris Eichbauer and Kenneth Pennington. Surrey, England: Ashgate, 2011. 

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Tilahun, Gelila. "Statistical Methods For Dating Collections Of Historical Documents". Dissertation. Department Of Statistics, University of Toronto, 2011.

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Feuerverger, A., P. Hall, G. Tilahun, and M. Gervers. “Using Statistical Smoothing To Date Medieval Manuscripts”. Beyond Parametrics In Interdisciplinary Research: Festschrift In Honor Of Professor Pranab K. Sen. (2008). http://arxiv.org/pdf/0805.2490.pdf.

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“Managing Meta Data In A Research Collection Of Medieval Latin Charters”. 2007.

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Gervers, Michael, and Michael Margolin. “New Methods For The Analysis Of Digitized Medieval Latin Charters”. Geschichte Im Netz Praxis Chancen Visionen 10. (2007).

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Gervers, Michael, and Rodolfo Fiallos. “The Dating Of Medieval English Private Charters Of The Twelfth And Thirteenth Centuries”. A Distinct Voice: Medieval Studies In Honor Of Leonard E. Boyle. Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 2006.

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Feuerverger, Andrey, Peter Hall, Gelila Tilahun, and Michael Gervers. “Distance Measures And Smoothing Methodology For Imputing Features Of Documents”. Journal Of Computational And Graphical Statistics 14.2 (2005).

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Gervers, Michael, and Michael Margolin. “Only Connect : The Use Of Computers In The Development Of Prosopographical Methodology”. Le Médiéviste Et L'ordinateur 42 (2003).



Gervers, Michael, and Michael Margolin. “The Deeds Project: Towards The Content Analysis Of English Private Charters Of The Twelfth And Thirteenth Centuries”. Le Médiéviste Et L'ordinateur 41 (2002).

 Munich2004.pdf (668.7 KB)

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Spencer, Amanda. “Dating Charters Using Textual Evidence”. Resourcing Sources: The Use Of Computers Developing Prosopographical Methodology. Oxford, 2002.Resourcing Sources: The Use Of Computers Developing Prosopographical Methodology. Oxford, 2002.
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Fiallos, Rodolfo. “A Description Of The Process In Which Sample Charter 10662 (Actually Dated 1274) Is Dated By Comparing Its Text With The Text Of 1,524 Dated Charters In The Deeds Database”. 1998.

 sshrcc_3.pdf (59.17 KB)


Fiallos, Rodolfo. “An Example Of Word-Pattern Dating In Which The Patterns In Charter 340207 (Actually Dated 1247) Are Compared With The 196,632 Patterns In The Deeds Database”. 1997.

 sshrcc_2.pdf (157.9 KB)


Gervers, Michael, Gillian Long, and Michael McCulloch. “The Deeds Database Of Medieval Charters: Design And Coding For The Rdbms Oracle 5”. History & Computing 2.1 (1990).

 doc1.pdf (140.93 KB)


Gervers, Michael. “The Textile Industry In Essex In The Late 12Th And 13Th Centuries: A Study Based On Occupational Names In Charter Sources”. Essex Archaeology And History 20 (1989).

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