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  • Charter 03290070
    Document: 03290070
    Cartulary: London 1189-1228. D. P. Johnson. English Episcopal Acta Volume 26. British Academy, Oxford University Press. Oxford. 2003.
    Charter Type: Confirmation
    Charter Origin: St. Pauls, London, England
    Source: Cartulary
    Year: 1190-1196
    Language: Latin
    Origin: Religious
  • Charter 99900077
    Document: 99900077
    Cartulary: The Hospitaller Cartulary, London. British Library, Cotton Ms. Nero A. I - E. VIII.
    Charter Type: Indulgence
    Charter Origin: Clerkenwell, London, England
    Source: Cartulary
    Year: 1193-1205
    Language: Latin
    Origin: Religious