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  • Charter 01950091
    Document: 01950091
    Cartulary: Canterbury 1162-1190. C. R. Cheney, B. E. A. Jones. English Episcopal Acta, Volume 2. British Academy, Oxford University Press. London. 1986.
    Charter Type: Confirmation
    Issued At: Poitiers, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
    Charter Origin: Canterbury, Kent, England
    Source: Cartulary
    Year: 1183 Circa
    Language: Latin
    Origin: Religious
  • Charter 00540018
    Document: 00540018
    Cartulary: Early Yorkshire Charters, the Paynel Fee. C. T. Clay. Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Extra Series V.3. Yorkshire Archaeological Society. Wakefield. 1939.
    Charter Type: Confirmation, Grant
    Issued At: Rouen, Normandie, France
    Charter Origin: Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England
    Source: Cartulary
    Year: 1182-1184
    Language: Latin
    Origin: Religious
  • Charter 00050400
    Document: 00050400
    Cartulary: Westminster Abbey Charters, 1066-c.1214 [London]. Emma Mason, Jennifer Bray, Desmond J. Murphy. London Record Society Publications, V.25. London Record Society Publications. London. 1988.
    Charter Type: Notification
    Issued At: Paris, Île-de-France, France
    Charter Origin: Westminster, London, England
    Source: Cartulary
    Year: 1173-1191
    Language: Latin
    Origin: Religious