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  • Charter 05940165
    Document: 05940165
    Cartulary: The Cartulary of Montier-en-Der, 666-1129. Constance Brittain Bouchard. Medieval Academy. University of Toronto Press. Toronto. 2004.
    Charter Type: Gift
    Issued At: Reims, Grand Est, France
    Charter Origin: Montier-en-Der, Grand Est, France
    Source: Cartulary
    Year: 0816
    Language: Latin
    Origin: Lay
  • Charter 03771146
    Document: 03771146
    Cartulary: Regesta Willelmi Conquestoris et Willelmi Rufi, 1066-1100. H. W. C. Davies, R. J. Whitwell. Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum 1066-1154. Clarendon Press. Oxford. 1913-69.
    Charter Type: Record
    Issued At: Oissel, Normandie, France
    Charter Origin: Westminster, London, England
    Source: Cartulary
    Year: 1082
    Language: Latin
    Origin: Royal
  • Charter 03790407
    Document: 03790407
    Cartulary: Regesta Regis Stephani ac Mathildis Imperatricis ac Gaufridi et Henrici Ducum Normannorum, 1135-1154. H. A. Cronne, R. H. C. Davis. Clarendon Press. Oxford. 1956-68.
    Charter Type: Confirmation
    Charter Origin: Westminster, London, England
    Source: Cartulary
    Year: 1144-1150
    Language: Latin
    Origin: Royal